Monday, June 16, 2008

Cooking at Camp

Campfire Cooking

Our first night of camping we had dinner that was all done in the campfire. The extra benefit was the extra heat from the fire since the sun had gone behind the trees and the temperature quickly dropped. The girls were able to participate in all aspects of the cooking and ate every bite of their meal!!! It always seems the girls are much better eaters at the campsite, then they ever are at home.
Baked Apple Salad

This was a yummy treat that was super simple to make.
1.The girls worked on chopping apples into bite sized pieces. They put these onto a rectangle of tinfoil and added a generous handful of raisins. Then drizzled a bit of maple syrup on top.

2. Wrap up the tinfoil into a tightly sealed pouch.

3. Put the pouches into the campfire near some hot coals

and let it cook for about 10 minutes.

4. Take the pouches out of the fire and carefully open up the pouch,

being careful of the hot steam.

5. Eat and Enjoy. YUMMY!!!

HOBO Sandwiches

Our hobo pie maker is a great camping accessory. There are many options for things to cook in them, but we usually go with grilled sandwiches. Each family member can make their sandwich to their liking from grilled cheese to ham and cheese to something fun and crazy! You just put your bread into the cooker and add your fixings. Then close it tight and put over the campfire for a few minutes. Cut off the burnt edges that squeezed out the edges. Eat and Enjoy!


Of course, no campfire meal is complete without S'Mores!!!! DELICIOUS!

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katy said...

great pic of the s'more. yeah, still don't think i'm ready to brave camping with kids . . . maybe when they're teenagers - ha!