Monday, March 12, 2012

Room Re-Do Part One

Madison has been talking about a possible room remodel for her birthday in June and I thought it sounded like a good idea.  At our old house we had spent so much time on adding paint, stencils, molding, flooring.... for both girls rooms before they were born.  When we moved into this house we had other things to focus on along with 2 busy little girls and their rooms never felt really done.  Here was the state of her room at the start of the project.
 So Maddy and I have been discussing the remodel and she was drawing up little ideas and plans.  Then I stumbled upon this on Pinterest.  And my goal with Pinterest is not just to pin items but to actually DO them!!
(and if you have no idea what pinterest is, you are missing out and we must have a conversation). 
Madison's had the bed portion of the picture and her room is so small that it is difficult find space for all her goodies while still making it look put together.  I showed the plans to Tom and he was as inspired as I was.  So although her birthday is still 3 months away we decided we should get started while we felt inspired.  Tom and Madison got going on making the plans, which was a great time to use a little math in real world application. 
Then the building started.  Maddy wanted to be a part of the process the whole way through and I think was somewhat helpful.  It was a really fun activity for Dad and Daughter to work on together.  I have no photos of the numerous Home Depot trips we made over the past 3 weeks.  It was a bit ridiculous, they may even know us by name!

After the building came the painting.  I was a bit concerned giving color choice to Maddy but she made some great decisions.  We used a darker teal blue as the accent wall with a lighter blue for the other walls.  I have to say painting the cabinets was a bit of a pain getting into all the little corners and edges.  Painting has never been my strong suit.  And lets not discuss the room painting with cutting in on those edges and moldings..... 
 Then we had the moving in.  Maddy and I worked ALL DAY Sunday on organizing.  I really wanted to take the time and do it right so we went through every piece of paper, book, toy, figurine, stuffed animal that was in her room to decide what was being kept and what needed to leave her room - either garbage, recycling, garage sale pile, find another home.....  We even went through her "memorobilia drawer in her bed.  Both girls use one drawer to put all their special papers, pictures, art projects... in.  You know all those things that sentimental people (like myself and the girls) can't get ride of but have no home for.  I would say Maddy and I cleared out half the drawer which felt good.  Wish I had some photos of how the room looked in the middle of this process.  I was a bit worried that we would never see the carpet again.  But we persevered and got things all put away.  The closet is completely organized even with empty shelves and the new shelving is looking good.  We still have a ways to go on the remodel.  Still debating on bedding, this fleece blanket Maddy made this winter and just happens to match well so we will take our time looking.  I need to make some type of window treatment, find artwork for above the bed, finish painting as I only did the area around the bed, make a reading corner and find an area rug.  But I am so pleased with how the bed area turned out.  We are using the left side as her desk space and Tom is planning to put doors on the lower right cabinets.  The upper cabinets can hold books, trophies, figurines, jewelry boxes and so much more.