Monday, June 27, 2011

Coast Camping

Last week we went directly from the last day of school to the coast for 4 days of camping with Tom's parents. We had a bit of everything weather wise (well except for 90 degrees and no wind, but it is the Washington coast....) Highlights were kite flying, baseball on the beach, family bike rides around camp, campfire treats, wave jumping and more. Here is just a small sample of photos that were taken. Beach photography is always a favorite and all the sand in my camera prooves that!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Afternoons with Nora

It has hit me like a two ton brick this week that my world will be changing sooner than I want. For the past 3 years Nora and I have had most afternoons (and many mornings before this year) to spend together while Madison was off being scholarly. Nora made these times so easy and enjoyable for me. She plays on her own for long periods of time and gets wrapped up in her little games and characters. She also was amazingly patient being drug to more than her fair share of meetings, classroom activities, appointments and errands. And we had fun with art projects, baking, reading, games and so much more. Overall, she was just a fantastic little companion who filled my days with joy. All of that comes to an end after next Monday. No longer will I have hours to spend with just her. She will join the big kid crowd going to school full day in September. The next few days are full with the end of the year activities so today was our last day to really cherish the time and I let Nora be in charge. She choose a picnic at Lake Wilderness with a Jamba Juice pickup on the way there. We had a great time playing at the playground and in the creek. Then we headed home for some quality arts and crafts time and book reading. If I had it my way I would freeze her age right here and have her be a kindergarten student forever. But I guess that just isn't possible. So I will cherish the moments and memories and enjoy the journey that is in store for us. But I will definitely miss my years as a Stay At Home Mom with kids at home with me. But this next phase of life I am entering is a post(or two or three) for another day. I will leave you now with some fun photo memories of our day out.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Birthday Wrap-Up

The birthday celebrations are all done and I think it was a successful week of fun. Between piano recital, 3rd/4th grade pirate musical, grandma coming to town, Dairy Queen birthday treats and the slumber party it was a full week of celebrating Madison. We still have here drama club performance this week and then I think all the special events are wrapped up. So hard to believe that she is nine and it is definitely bittersweet. She is turning into a wonderful young lady, but at the same time I see how she doesn't need her mommy as much as she used to. Definitely getting to the age of autonomy, and I know it will only get worse. But watching her grow up is a great gift too!!

Some photo highlights of Madison's week

Mini-Battle of the Book Champions The Word Wizards

First Piano Recital Performance Pirate Musical
New Roller Blades (and pads:-)
New bike with 21 gears and handbrakes!

Happy Birthday Madison!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Ten on Ten - June

First five photos from the kindergarten field trip to Cougar Mountain Zoo. Second five photos from the nine year old sleepover that is happening at our house.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Outdoor Bliss

Yes, I am alive. I have about 100 blog posts on my camera and in my head but just haven't quite found the time or energy to post them all. I'm a bit suprised I was even able to remember how to log on since my last post:-)

The past 2 weekends have been pure bliss weather wise and just what the Dr. ordered to recharge the batteries. It has been so fabulous spending more time each day outdoors than indoors. The girls are rediscovering the joys of outdoor fun and we have been sprucing up the yard. Here's just a few photos documenting our time outdoors.
The first family ride of the season with many more to come! Madison was able to easily handle the 7 mile ride so now we know we can head out on all sorts of adventures. Although Nora is easily riding around the neighborhood on her own, we choose to keep her on the tag-along for longer rides to make it easier and more enjoyable for all of us.

First outdoor meal of the season

Hammock Breaks

S'more season has begun!!!

Nora's very own flower garden is blooming like crazy. I have never seen such large tulips before. She says next year she is going for the World's Record for biggest tulip. I have no idea what she is putting in her soil but it is working!!

Weeding, weeding and more weeding.... But after the weeding come planting, my favorite part!

Reading Breaks

Baseball anyone?? We quickly learned that our nice little baseball diamond is getting too small, as Madison can hit a home run over the fence pretty much everytime.

Beds are weeded and mulched and looking great! I love our backyard this time of year. One of Madison's friends was over the other day. He told me that our backyard is the nicest one he has ever seen. That is a stretch for sure but a really sweet comment and helps me to remember why we chose this house. I love how the girls have secret gardens and paths, how they find all sorts of friends like snails and frogs to play with. We have bunnies visit most mornings while we have breakfast and deer occasionally visit behind the fence. The girls have been spending hours roaming the backyard, planting in their own gardens, creating bouquets, scootering and biking around the neighborhood without the need for constant supervision and so much more. I love the freedom they have in our neighborhood and the joy and appreciation of the outdoors they gain just by stepping out our backdoor.