Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Growing Crystals

This was a real fun and easy science activity we did over spring break.


Large jar (we used a pickle jar), pipe cleaner, yarn/string, pencil,
BOILING water, Borax, measuring cup and spoon

Connect pipe cleaner into a circle shape and tie on string.
Then bend the pipe cleaner into any fun shape you want.

Pour boiling water into the jar and stir in Borax, one tablespoon at a time.

You will need to add approximately 3-4 TB for each cup of water in the jar.


Put pipecleaner shapes into the jar and tie onto a pencil to suspend in the water.

Now this is the fun part. We did this right away in the morning after breakfast on a day we were staying home for the entire day. Every hour or so we would check back to see what progress was happening. You could slowly see crystals starting to form on the pipe cleaner and string. We took it out after it had been in overnight and here is our result.

It was fun to be "scientists" and look at the crystals with magnifying glasses. We have these hanging in the girls' bedroom windows with the rainbow tube for a pretty art display!


katy said...

oooooo! i'm doing this project. great idea! keep 'em coming

Donna said...

We've done this with chenille stems cut into a snowflake shape for a Christmas decoration, I hadn't thought of using colored ones. Thanks for sharing!