Saturday, May 31, 2008

Family Hike

Twin Falls
I-90 Exit 34

Today we did a great hike with Tom's cousin Erik, who is visiting from D.C. This hike was a bit more lengthy than the last one we did but has a great destination spot. The Twin Falls at the top of the hike are spectacular with a bridge going above them for an amazing view (though a bit anxiety filled for mommy). The hike was 3.5 miles roundtrip with some decent hills and switchbacks to get to the top. The girls did well, but we did have a bit of whining and needed to give some incentives to keep them moving. A good portion of the hike follows the river for nice views and good rock throwing spots. Half-way up there is a great look-out spot of the falls and you can choose to turn around at this point.

Picnic Spot

Heading Home

More Photos


Ginny said...

What gorgeous pictures, looks like a wonderful day.

katy said...

3.5 miles with hills and switch backs?! Your girls are rockstars! Wow, I'm amazed!

craftydabbler said...

I'm writing to tag you with a meme. The whole thing is over on my blog.