Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Camp Crafts

Nature Bookmarks
This is a great craft activity to do camping because you need to bring only one material from home - contact paper. Everything else comes from nature! And it is a great way to keep a special memory from each camping trip you go on. We found this a great activity to do while the girls were waiting for dinner to be cooked and were getting a bit whiny. It kept them entertained and interested until the food was ready to eat.

First go on a nature walk around camp and choose some flowers, grasses and leaves that are your favorites.

Then lay the items onto a piece of contact paper cut into the size you want for a bookmark. Lay another piece of contact paper the same size over the top and VOILA, you have a bookmark!!!! How easy was that???? And don't forget to bring the books on your camping trip for reading time.

Shadow Tracing

Another easy activity to do in a moments notice when the girls are getting a bit cranky! Chalk is always a staple in our pop-up camper. The girls can draw on rocks, roads, trees..... to stay busy while the parents are setting up/taking down camp.

next camping post to look forward to: organization


Shay said...

Lisa - those are great ideas! I'm not crafty in any way but those look simple and fun enough that I can actually do them with the kids. Thanks!


tierd said...

I love your web site - you have such great ideas - thank you for sharing them all! Jen (from Feb 05 bbc)