Sunday, June 15, 2008

Camping Week

We just returned from a fabulous camping weekend at Deception Pass State Park. After a spring with horrible weather, we were blessed with sunshine! It was a wonderful weekend to unwind and have lots of quality family time. The girls had a blast and kept thanking us for taking them camping and Nora cried when we left the campsite this morning saying she didn't want to go home.

So this week, my blog will mainly be dedicated to camping tips and activities along with lots of beach pictures from our weekend. I hope some of the ideas will help other readers when they go camping and may even inspire someone to go family camping for the first time. Yes, it is alot of work but it is also very rewarding! The smiles ang giggles were well worth the effort.

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shawn said...

Great ideas! I love seeing how other families camp. (We are very fond of the camp crafts, too). Deception Pass is one of our favorite campgrounds.