Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Rhyme Time Treasure Hunt

A rainy day indoors when we are MORE than ready for spring/summer weather dictated a fun activity that would get the kids moving around and having some fun. Nora, my 3 year old, has been a bit obsessed with rhyming lately. We have been hearing alot of "does that rhyme mommy" or "this is a rhyming book". So while the girls were having their quiet time I went around the house hiding special clues. Each clue had a rhyme the girls had to finish to find where the next clue was. Some examples were "use your brain power, look in the ______"(shower) or "it is small enough for a mouse, look in Madison's doll ______"(house). Yeah, they are a bit cheesy and lame but I promise they are a big hit with the 3-6 year old crowd! I tried to alternate the clues from upstairs to downstairs to force a bit more activity and running around.

The Hidden Clues

The girls ran around the house giggling and having a great time. My older daughter was in charge of reading the clues and my younger daughter did really well figuring out the rhymes.


Popcorn fixings for a yummy snack. It always amazes me how excited the girls get to make air popped popcorn. They love watching the process and of course, eating it is good too. And the girls always think if we have popcorn then we need to do puppet shows (we take turns performing the show while the other 2 are the audience eating the popcorn)! So that is how the afternoon ended. Maybe we will get some sunshine tomorrow to get outdoors. If not, I have a feeling there will be requests for more of these treasure hunts. I don't know if I am creative enough to come up with 10 new clues to entertain the troops.


craftydabbler said...

That is very clever. My daughter definitely enjoys treasure hunts.

katy said...

quite certain you're creative enough. great post, Lisa!

Sara said...

You are amazing. That is all I have to say.

Amy said...

I copied you and did this with the girls yesterday - so much fun! You are always giving us good ideas.

encmommy2 said...

Another great and creative thought from you! :) Thanks!!
Looks like your girls had a great time and enjoyed the treasure at the end!