Thursday, June 26, 2008

Road Trippin'

One more day until we take off for our Lake Tahoe road trip. Going on road trips is nothing new for our family but we will be breaking new ground on this trip for a few reasons. For one, we are going off our normal beaten path where I know where every rest stop, playground, mall and gas station is by heart. And we are also bringing our pop-up camper and camping the whole way. Yes, 8 nights in a camper at 3 different campgrounds. We have truely lost our minds!!!!! Oh, and of course the 80 lb dog is coming along too, just to add a little more excitement!

I spent the day packing and organizing. I got the girls' activities bags all prepared and wanted to share some of the contents.

Fruit loop necklace making - each bag contains fruit loops and lacing string with a button tied to the end. Hoping this one lasts a good 30 minutes for making and then time to eat too!!!

Homemade weaving loom - my older daughter loves to work on these so I thought it would be a good project to do in the car.

Homemade clipboards

Books on cd, music cds and dvd's And my "magic trick" is to bring along windex wipes to fix any smudges and scratches that have gotten on them. It works like a charm!!!

Other items we are bringing along: puppets, magnet boards, activity books, lots of books for reading, etch-a-sketch, magna-doodle and lacing toys. You get the idea!!!

I found some fun printable games like car bingo and state license plate search here. We also like to play games like "I am going on a picnic" alphabet game, "I am thinking of" 20 question type game and "Guess my number". I am sure we will invent a few new ones on this trip too.

And don't forget the food, food and MORE FOOD!!!! I think one of the reasons my girls do so well on car trips is that all food rules are thrown out the window along with any normal screen time rules. They watch way too many videos and eat way too much junk food but I figure killing a few brain cells is worth it for quality family time! RIGHT????? I also have discovered the more videos they watch in the car, the more quality reading time mommy gets!!! I have 4 books in a pile waiting to be read and I am hoping to get through all of them before arriving home. Daddy has audio books loaded onto his Ipod to listen too while he drives so he doesn't go crazy listening to kid music and videos!

So wish us luck and hope we arrive home with our sanity in tact. Well, at least as in tact as it was when we left!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Here's wishing and hoping you arrive with your sanity in check! Sounds like you are well prepared!