Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Scrap Cave Re-Do

For those who have read since the beginning of this blog, I started with an entry on my scrap cave. Bigger than a closet, smaller than a real room with no windows; this is my haven where I go off to hide and create. The room goes through stages ranging from complete disaster to semi-organized. The last 3-6 months were mostly disaster stages. I was finding that I couldn't ever get the to the bottom of the piles to actually use my workspace. So, with some help from Ikea and my wonderful hubby I went from this:

To this:

I was able to get all the main tools and supplies I use off of the workspace with these kitchen bars and hanging accessories (thanks Sara for the idea!) This really helped to clear off the space. I even got one basket that fits my 12 x 12 papers so I have it organized with the current projects I am working on.

And I have been wanting one of these magnet boards for a long time. The Ikea one was so much cheaper than anything else I have seen so I had to grab it!! Still working on filling all the containers. And I think they will be easy to pack up for my scrap retreats.

Hoping that this helps to keep things out of my to keep me focused on my crafting, instead of always working on cleaning and organizing.


Dayna said...
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Dayna said...

wow - nice job! I might need to post a photo of my messy craft studio just to motivate me to do something about it. I love the use of the Ikea wall rack...and you just reminded me that I have some shelving I should probably install. I am also a fan of the magnetic storage tins...I dont scrap but am thinking what I could stuff in there for sewing or general crafting. THANKS for the post.

Hopefully if I can get in gear we can join in on the Monday muffin tin project.

Migraine Mom said...

I love Ikea! It looks awesome!

Sara said...

Very nice, Lisa! Makes me feel inspired to get some work done!

Monkey's Mama said...

I am completely inspired after seeing your after pictures. That doesn't mean I'll actually DO anything about my mess . . . but for now I'm inspired! See you on MTM.