Saturday, October 4, 2008

Wedding Day

The big day was finally here. The girls have been talking about this event for months. Tom's cousin Erik and new bride Hillary were kind enough to include the girls in their wedding. The location was gorgeous, but unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate for the outdoor wedding they had hoped for. Though we did a break in the rain for some outdoor pictures after the ceremony.
Nora tore her hem within 5 minutes of having the dress on. Luckily the maker of the dress, Tom's aunt Mary, was able to get it sewn up quickly. The dresses were adorable and so much more special since they were hand made by the mother of the groom.
The girls had a great time being flower girls. We were so proud of them. They had perfect behavior and were really patient during all the waiting times through out the day. It certainly was a great photo opportunity and I am sure you won't be suprised that I was busy snapping photos all day. I definitely think the highlight for the girls was the reception. Cake, root beer in champagne flutes and dancing, what could be better?? They were not picky about their dance partners and the relatives were all great about taking their turns with the girls.
Not enough pictures you say??? Want to see more???? You must be a grandparent, if you have made it this far and still want to see more!!! If so, click here to see all 98 photos on my flickr account. I would love to find out which of the photos are your favorites, as I am trying to decide on a few to blow up for framing and it is a tough decision.
Coming up later this week will be reports (and plenty more photos!!!) from the DC sight seeing adventures!! Come back and take a look!


Amy said...

Very cute pictures! You know how jealous I am about getting to have flowergirls... I am glad you had a good trip!

Joey said...

Great photos, Lisa. The Flikr site really showcases your artistic talents.

tierd said...

Gorgeous pictures! You are an awesome photographer.

katy said...

i bought the exact same sandals for my little flower girls -ha!

The look sooo cute, Lisa! The dresses my girls have are basically just the same, they will have a red sash.

I'm so glad everything went so well.