Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

My little flamingo and monarch butterfly!! Aren't they adorable?
And Nora's sleeping buddy tonight. She took her new pet spider "Buzz" up to her bedroom. I assumed he would be put up on the bookshelf, but oh no he went right next to her pillow all cozied up with a blanket of his own. Today was "take a spider to school day" at her preschool. They were supposed to release them at school but Nora was quite upset by that so brought him back home to be taken care of properly.


rachel said...

OMG! that is too sweet! We are not big spider fans around here...that would NOT be happening.

jcm said...

Great costumes, Lisa! Yeah, Buzz would have a short life span in our house - he's lucky to have Nora to take care of him!


Kimberly said...

Wonderful costumes! And those little cherub cheeks are just too cute.

Andria said...

Oh Nora.. too cute! Could you have picked an uglier spider? One that she'd be more thrilled to let go? LOL. Just kidding. Can she open it??? (I'm having nightmares here)

The girls are beautiful in their costumes. I love the Candy Corn stalks in the background!

Bobbie said...

oh that is so sweet.. reminds me of my girls.. bug loving lizard loving things.. glad to know my girls arent the only ones.. though they have never slept with a bug.. that is so cute

and that flamingo outfit.. adorable