Thursday, October 9, 2008

More Monuments

Tuesday was a day of family sight seeing. And we had plenty of family to participate. Along with our own happy family and the grandparents we had Tom's Aunts Eileen and Joey, Uncle Phil and cousins Clare and Adam.
We started the day at the Museum of Natural History. It is an amazing space but we quickly realized that being contained in spaces with lots of people is not our idea of a fun vacation. So we did a very quick tour and then headed outside to fresh air and free space to move. We enjoyed lunch in the fun sculpture park with a great fountain..

After a fun carousel ride, we started the trek down to the monuments.

Although we had just been the day before, I felt it was really important for the girls to get down and at least see the highlights. And being outside walking around was much more enjoyable than being in the crowded and noisy museum! We hit the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial and WWII Memorial. I would have really liked to get Madison down to the FDR memorial since she read a series of books dealing with the Depression this summer and has a bit of a reference base. But the walk to that section would have probably been pushing our luck. I hope we can return when the girls are a bit older and can get more from the experience.

It was a lot of fun and the girls were real troopers with all the walking we did. Our nature hikes are now going to seem like a piece of cake after DC! Though Nora did bum quite a few rides on shoulders! The day ended with patriotic popsicles, what could be better?

And you are lucky this time, I haven't gotten this set of photos loaded onto flickr so no link, YET!

Next up - Mount Vernon.


katy said...

Great pics of the girls in front of the monument. Love the red, white and blue Popsicles - is that all they sell at our nation's capitol? ha!

Andria said...

Love these pics Lisa! I really admire your talent in the angle of the photos you've captured. I've always wondered if kids would have any fun visiting out nation's capitol...but heck, looks like fun to me!

Erin said...

oh my. Sooooo cute. Mom just sent me this link. It's adorable. I really enjoyed seeing you at the wedding, and am looking forward to keeping up on the blog!