Saturday, November 8, 2008

End of the Season

The final soccer game was today and somehow we stayed completely dry after two days of torrential rains. We had a very enjoyable season. We were lucky to have a great group of kids (and parents) to work with. We saw lots of growth with the athletes and our drills at practice were light years beyond what we were doing last year.
Madison loves soccer and seems to have a great time. Though she often wants to be organizing everyone on the field instead of just playing the game. She said she wanted to play again next season and followed that up with she wants to play until she has 7 trophies. So not sure how much the actual game plays into that decision.
Overall, I think everyone was very satisfied and we had a number of parents asking if Tom would be coaching again next year and to make sure to notify them if we would be. At this point in the season, Tom's answer is typically NO but after a few months away it is easier to convince him. I think it is a bit like childbirth where you forget the pain and suffering and just remember the happiness. And also having Madison sweetly ask with her big brown eyes doesn't hurt! So we will see what next year brings.
And so today my daily thanks goes to my amazing husband. The best coach in the K-1 park and rec league and the best daddy too!!! He was so patient and postivite with all the athletes, from the team all-star to the leaf collector. And he gave much of his time and energy to it at a time when work has been a bit stressful and crazy. Life would have been easier for him if he didn't have to leave work early for practices and spend many hours perfecting his spreadsheets that guaranteed equal playing time for all the team members.

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