Monday, November 24, 2008

Extra Space

Back behind my scrapcave and over the garage we have a huge storage room. When we viewed the house for the first time I knew this space was a huge find. You just don't find this type of easily-accesible extra space in most homes. It is HUGE and has so many fabulous uses. To list a few:

1. A room for the cat's litter box that never has to be viewed by company.

2. The girls' official clubhouse, they have decked it out in animal posters, flags, chairs and more. They keep a supply of water bottles and snacks in the space for emergency situations. Often you will find signs and maps all over the house pointing out the club house location.

3. A place to store my 15+ teacher boxes that I can't part with, even though I doubt I will ever use most of it again.

4. Places to hide the Christmas gifts, though I may have to rethink this with the clubhouse status. They like to rearrange all the boxes and I can just imagine "Santa's Stash" being found.

5. And somewhere to store all the extras like holiday decorations, camping gear, extra boxes, the play kitchen that I can't quite get rid of even though the girls never play with it, the 2 trombones and saxaphone and so much more!!!!

So today, as I start to dig out the Christmas boxes, I am thankful for this room. A space I can just walk into and locate what I need without climbing down into the dark crawl space or up into the attic. A spot where I can put some extra toys while they are not being played with, but the girls can pull out at a moments notice when they want to use them. A place to store sentimental items without worrying about water damage or no space to store it.

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rachel said...

We have a "dry pantry" here (our whole basement is a second floor really)...and i LOVE it! I just wish it was big enough for the kids to play in too, then it would be perfect.