Friday, November 14, 2008

Loving the Library

We love the library and always enjoy our outings there. Here are our selections for this week.
I have been on a baking kick. Or at least reading all sorts of fabulous recipes that I envision cooking. The Baking cookbook is fabulous and maybe someday I will be able to add it to my personal cookbook collection (because you can NEVER have enough cookbooks, can you?). I am perusing the cookie section for the perfect recipe to use for the annual cookie exchange party I will be going to in December I am determined to be the winner this year! Because if you didn't know, I have just a teeny-tiny competitive streak to me!
Madison goes straight for the series chapter books in the library. She has gone through all the Magic Treehouse, Magic SchoolBus, Rainbow Fairies, Puppy Place and more. We are running out of series, but luckily she doesn't mind re-reading her favorites.

Nora starts out in the music section for cd's for her room. She is quite the music nut and loves to sing and dance to her selections. Then she makes a B-line for the Berenstein Bear Books and then is happy with whatever other selections I may make.

Being thankful for the library is high on my list. Because it is a great place to please our book loving girls for free (minus my occasional over-due fines!) and it is a great outing for a rainy day when we are feeling a bit stir-crazy.


rachel said...

I am lucky to have a really good library close by. They even have DVDs! We can order anything from the whole county and it will be sent to our libary. I LOVE it :)

Sara said...

I love going to our library too! We go at least once a week. It's only 2 blocks from our house! Levi has just about read all the books in the beginner reader "I Can Read" section. It's such a great free outing!