Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Personality Plus

Today I am thankful for my sweet Nora. What a character she can be. She makes me smile so much every day. It is hard to even think of her a year ago. She was still a toddler who whined way more than I liked and still had a horrible pacifier habit that I thought I would never break! Now she has grown into a fabulous preschooler, who still may whine a bit but overall is a true joy in my life. Here she is playing in the bean box today.
Some of the things she has been saying lately are priceless. A few weeks ago she somehow thought it would be okay to stick her tongue out at me when she wasn't happy with a decision I made. When I would reprimand her for it she would quickly say "I am just cleaning myself" and start licking her lips and cleaning her hands and arm like a cat.
The other day Madison and Nora were upstairs working on Madison's zoo creations. Nora was thinking of animals to make. She said "I know, a dingoe, because that is like a dog. Aren't I clever?"
And she has been obsessed with baby pictures of herself and walks all over the house with them saying "When I was a baby I was so ADORABLE!"
So Nora, today I am thankful for all the happiness, hugs and kisses you bring into my life. Thank you for being YOU!

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katy said...

those toes are priceless!