Sunday, December 14, 2008

Gingerbread Fun

The girls made their gingerbread house last week with great success. I have to admit that we went with the Costco kit this year. My ideal thoughts on gingerbread house making is creating the dough from scratch, unique architectural structure, amazing decorations...... But then reality enters the picture: to-do list a mile long, impatient children, the attempts to get the frosting the perfect consistency to keep the house together longer than 5 minutes..... So the Costco kit it is. Hopefully in a few years time we will be ready to venture onto bigger and better but I think this was a good (and quick) house for this year.

The girls had a great time and there was plenty of house to share. Nora seemed to have a 3 to 1 candy ratio. 3 candies in the mouth to 1 on the house!
Another item on my project list has been a flannel gingerbread project. Madison has been eyeing the stack of flannel asking when we were going to do it. Finally today we found some time. I envisioned myself cutting all the pieces with lots of fun embellishments. But Madison has turned into a cutting expert lately and wanted to do the creating. So I cut the men and house and Madison did all of the embellishments and Nora placed them on the house. Great teamwork all around. Somehow we have made it all this time without a flannel board and I didn't have any big pieces of flannel to make one so we ended up just taping them to the easel for now. With the success of this project, I am thinking a flannel board may be in our future. The possible activities are endless and I am wanting to research if my cricut die-cut machine could cut flannel. If so I am envisioning some crazy flannel doll projects!!!

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rachel said...

I am venturing out to get my gingerbread stuff today. Micah has been BEGGING to do our house this year. Never have even attempted to bake one from scratch...too easy to just go get the kit :)