Tuesday, December 23, 2008

'Tis The Season

Over the month the girls have been making all sorts of fun ornaments. The cinnamon-applesauce ones are always a crowd favorite. Though I don't think I got the dough quite right, so they are very delicate and I don't think will be able to be preserved past this year. And Madison has perfected her skills at making God's Eyes. She made this one for Nora and wrapped it all on her own for a special gift. She also made one for her classroom teacher.

Nora made these adorable ornaments at school that pretty much sum up why I love her preschool so much. Give a three year old a paper plate and bottle of glue and allow them to adhere as many noodles as they like. Then take them outside and spray paint and cover with glitter. A three year old's paradise! And the amazing Mrs. Brown (who I will be writing another post on soon) allowed them to make as many as they want. I have to say that Nora is a bit of a minimalist with her art compared to many of her classmates. I think some of the "ornaments" will make better paper weights!


katy said...

Those are beautiful! I know 2 other girls who would LOVE to have a paper plate, noodles and free reign with a glue bottle. Great idea!

Merry Christmas. Thanks for your nice message. I'm really okay.

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog
and seeing the family!!
You are so creative!!!
Happy Holidays!!
Phil Kriz