Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Happy 2009 to everyone. I hope that this is truely a year where you are able to work toward your goals and feel accomplishment in your life. I know that is my main focus this year. I have numerous goals floating around in my head and I really need to get my thoughts narrowed down and get them written and posted with a plan of action. Certainly one goal will revolve around scrappin'/photography (project 365 - more info later on that one!) and one goal devoted to physical fitness (joining the gym hopefully tomorrow but still considering going for the triathalon that I have talked about for the last 4 years) and then some focus on home organization (that will be the tough one for me to complete).

As for our New Year's Day celebration?? We had an exciting night at McDonald's. Can you believe it?
Last year on this day we vowed we would not eat at McDonalds for the entire year and we met the goal. So as a "treat" we allowed ourselves this one day to splurge before continuing our commitment and crossing out another fast food restaraunt off our list.

The girls were so funny getting dressed this morning. They wanted to wear nice dresses and their best necklaces for dinner at McDonald's. And then Madison requested I straighten her hair, which is only reserved for really special events. Please note that she is in an indepent stage and is insisting on doing her hair most days so the pony tail was completely done by her. It is taking every ounce of inner strength not to fix it most days, but she feels so very proud and is doing a fairly good job (for a 6 year old). So I bite my tongue and make sure to point out to everyone we see that she is doing her own hair!!!

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rachel said...

Wow, no more Mickey Dee's? That is great....we RARELY eat fast food anymore. Micah is not a big fan, and neither are my thighs! I can be pretty disciplined when it comes to my food, it is the working out part that I need to focus on. Didn't you used to be a pretty avid runner (if I remember correctly from college?)