Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Craftsy Organization

I spent a good portion of my weekend cleaning and reorganizing my scrapcave AGAIN. I get so frustrated with myself for letting it get out of control. So, once again, I vow to do a better job at maintaining my systems as I go. We'll see how well that works!

I have also been motivated to start organizing my thoughts and plans better. The always amazing scrapping guru Becky Higgins had the chart above available to download on the Creating Keepsakes website. I really loved the idea, but decided to tweek it a bit for my own needs (I have a hard time ever taking an idea as is, I want to make it my own in some way). So here is the chart I have created:
The chart section is a sheet of dry-erase type paper I have had laying around forever. I drew the lines and labels with permanent marker and then will use the dry erase markers for the specific information for each layout I am planning on doing. On the left side I have listed the different albums I am currently working on. At the top I have the section to write the topic of the layout and then sections to check off when I have the supplies together, photos developed, layout down and journaling complete. I have found it helps to do lots of one task at the same time (like print photos for 3 or 4 layouts one night and then organize supplies another night and do layouts on its own night). It helps to be in the flow of one task type at the same time and can help me be more productive. This will also help when I scrap away from home as I can do the photos and supplies at home and then work on layouts at the location.

I decorated some clothespins that I will hotglue to the wall in my scraproom to display the ideas. But I can easily take it down to work on my lists as I need. In my mind, I have a much more elaborate plan of using a large magnetic white board with fun magnets to check off the done items. But for now I was looking to do it at no cost. If I keep up the system for awhile then I will make a more permanent chart.
Coming up next....... my other new organizing system to keep me focused on scrapping.


Amy said...

Looks good - I still have to think about what would work for me and do some more tweaking! I'll probably just make my own spreadsheet that I can reprint as needed.I like the cute touches you added!

Heather said...

The clothes pins are so cute! I think I'm going to use your idea as a craft project to do with my daughter. Thanks for the nice things you said about our lapbook when you visited our blog today!! ;-)