Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April 1st Job Offers

The other day Tom and I were recalling April Fool's Day of 1996.

We were living in Missoula, MT at the time and the week prior both Tom and I had job interviews on the same day. Mine was for a teaching position in some itty-bitty-teeny-tiny Montana town. I had to drive through a blizzard and over a mountain pass (that I later found out was supposed to be closed, but somehow I didn't get that memo) in white-out conditions to get there. And then I got stuck in a snow drift right in front of the school and had to attempt to walk out of it in my interview clothes and find a tow-truck in the town to get me out. It was an interesting interview, to say the least.

Tom's interview took place in Spokane, but was a tele-conference for a position in Seattle at the buying office for the Bon-Marche. We had no clue what would happen if we both were offered the positions. Seattle or rural Montana???? HMMMMM, I guess you can figure out what happened there.

So fast forward to April 1st. I was at work and got a call from Tom saying he got offered the position and they wanted him to start in 4 weeks and would fly us out the following week to find housing. I was completely overwhelmed and excited and hung up the phone. My mind was racing with the thoughts of what needed done, how I was going to learn to drive in Seattle, how we would afford it.......... About 30 minutes later I realize what the date is and call back to tell Tom this would be a very cruel April Fool's joke, but he assured me it was not.

Fast forward again 13 years later to today, I got a response from my job interview for my latest interview. Certainly the position wasn't going to be as life altering as that interview 13 years ago but I still had great hopes for what it could be. Unfortunately, April 1, 2009 wasn't as lucky a day as April 1, 1996. I didn't get the job and am suprised that "lack of experience" is the reasoning. I didn't think that would be my down-fall, but I guess the other canidate had more co-op preschool experience (or so they say.....)

So back to square one! Funny thing is that before I applied for this job I didn't even know if I was ready to go back to a teaching job but the process made me so excited that now I am sure I want to and the chances of finding a job that fit my needs and wants is so slim that I am bound to be disappointed........ (wow that is a horrible run-on sentence, sorry!!)

The moral of the story? If you are in a hiring position, please consider a day other than April 1st to call your job applicants about their employment future! And that is my mindless ramble for the day!


katy said...

They have no idea what they are missing, Lisa! It truly truly is THEIR loss - not yours. You are an incredible teacher and awesome colleague. Boo hiss to them!!

Anonymous said...

I must agree with everything Katy says. It's disappointing and discouraging when something like this happens. Be of good heart, I truly believe that the 'just right' position is waiting for you -- with people who know how lucky they are!!

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