Thursday, April 9, 2009

Auction Project #1

School auctions are coming up in the next few weeks and I volunteered to do the art projects for both girls' classes. I have pretty much wrapped up Madison's class project. The students did these oil pastel/watercolor flowers that were inspired by Georgia O'Keefe artwork. They were to use contrasting colors between the drawing and painting. It was a very simple project but I wanted to make sure that the end product was unified and similar enough that it wouldn't look to crazy when put all together. And it ensured success for all the students.

I then made color copies of the flowers and cut them out. Tom built a bookshelf that I painted and then decoupaged the flowers onto. I put vinyl cricut letters on and will add a personalized name for the buyer (ex: Madison's Library). I need to take it into school to get the students to sign the back and add a class photo with that.

When taking photos for the online auction listing I felt that it looked a bit blah, so had to "stage" it a bit and now think it looks adorable. I have a feeling there is a good chance the bookshelf will be coming right back to find a permanent home in Madison's room.

It feels good to have one project down, as I have been stressing for quite some time about it. I am about half-way done with Nora's project (also a bookcase, but a different fun twist that I am excited to share) and hope to get it wrapped up by the end of next week.

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