Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Recap

Started the day sleeping in until 9:00 and then breakfast in bed with the newspaper delivered. Right there is a perfect start to the day!!!
Then we loaded up and went to explore Discovery Park. It was a great time and we got lost on some back trails and had to navigate up and down some decent bluffs for the girls and the dog! We felt quite adventurous and I can tell this summer will be an enjoyable one for hiking with the girls getting older! No more backpacking them or attempting to get the Chariot onto trails. Luckily, Nora is still so petite that you can carry her for a time if needed. The perfect combination!
We finally made our way down to the beach (the HARD WAY, found the easy way to get back) and the girls showed their love of the water once again, choosing to ignore lunch at 2:00 for exploring the tidal pools. Tom says you can tell they weren't born land-locked like their parents. We found this great starfish right out in the open, a perfect mother's day gift, the beauty of nature!!
We eventually headed for home where I got to sit and watch the family cook calzones and apple crisp. YUMMY.
And then I tested out my gift, a new bread machine! The photo should be of a full loaf of bread but the girls devoured it for breakfast and Madison insisted on my "homemade" bread for her lunchbox sandwich!


katy said...

Sounds like the PERFECT day! Love tide pools. Hurrah for the bread machine. How cool!

katy said...

P.S. Go to bed. It's midnight!!!

Heather said...

Looks like a super great day!

ANDREA said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! Great pictures too!