Thursday, May 28, 2009

Theatric Debut

The first and second graders at Madison's school had a musical performance last week. It was super adorable and such fun to watch. I am thrilled that they have such an amazing music teacher who goes above and beyond to put on a true performance. Such a great experience for the students!Madison was given the role of Little Miss Muffet with 3 lines she had to "perform". She did quite well with those but it was really the songs and actions that she enjoyed the most.

Photo opportunities weren't the best as it seemed she was always getting blocked by somebody or something and the lighting was horrendous. And we even had the special front row seats that we purchased at the school auction (complete with cookies and lemonade, much to Nora's delight!). I am supposed to be getting a video copy from a friend and then am hoping to get some video snippets to share.