Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer Lovin'

The calendar claims that summer has made it's arrival. Somehow the Pacific Northwest may have not got the memo since we had a glorious few weeks of weather before the solstice and now are back to chilly temps and rain. I am hoping the weather makes a turn for the better in the upcoming days. Along with all of our fun Bucket List plans, I am also hoping for lots of lazy summer days that look like this
And yummy summer treats like this
And water fun like this
We also have some fun camping trips planned,
including our first attempt at backpacking/hiking into a campsite with the girls. Looking forward to that one!! As convenient as trailer camping can be, we are really hoping to get into some REAL camping in the upcoming years where we are truely in the full outdoors. This will be our test so wish us luck.
And, of course, we will be doing some ROAD TRIPPIN' to Montana!! The girls are looking forward to their first ever sleepover at the grandparents sans the parents. (and mommy is looking forward to it too, since she has grand scrapbooking plans for those days)

We hope that all of you have lots of fun adventures planned for the summer. Now we just need the sun to return and we will be set!

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