Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dear Tooth Fairy,

Here is what the Tooth Fairy will discover in Madison's bed tonight. She wrote this after going to her room for the night, quite to the suprise of mom and dad.
The letter goes as follows:
Dear tooth fairy,
Hi! Please don't respond. It's just 1 thing can I keep my tooth and still get my mony? If not do not take my tooth. If so leve the mony and the tooth.
Just for the record, Madison has ongoing correspondence with the tooth fairy where she leaves letters under her pillow and the tooth fairy leaves letters back during the night even when there are no teeth to be collected. So that explains the fact that the tooth fairy doesn't need to respond to this note. I am off to bed so the tooth fairy can come and make a determination on if she can leave the tooth or must she take it with her?

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Heather said...

So cute!! Your girls are so creative.