Friday, August 21, 2009

The Surf

We lucked out getting lots of sun on the Washington coast, though the winds kept things a bit chilly for taking a full plunge. Still lots of fun jumping waves and we even had a little success convincing Micah to get her toes wet, though she wasn't happy about it!

Okay, I promise that I am going to restrain myself and not post anymore beach photos. I just love our yearly photos from the beach and it is impossible to select just a few. I am currently trying to design our upcoming bathroom remodel all around family beach photos. We will see how that progresses. Thanks for putting up with the photo overload. But it has to be better than the endless rambling on some of my posts!!!


Anonymous said...

NOT an overload of pictures, NOR a problem with endless ramblings. I love it all. Your pictures and comments make my day so much better.
Love, Peggy

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Hopping from Crafty Crow... and I adore your pictures. I've been to the Washington coast twice. It is gorgeous. We have family in Sequim.

I'm aching for sand and surf...