Saturday, October 3, 2009

Freeze It

I have a new found love for my garage freezer. It has always been nice to hold the ice cream, frozen pizza and a few loaves of bread but was definitely under-utilized. A few years ago I tried some of those freezer dinner places. You know, where you go in and make a dozen meals to put in your freezer at home. The concept was great but the price was outrageous and I always left thinking "I could do this myself". So I have and this is the current state of my freezer.
Okay, so it could use a bit better organizational system but overall it is great. I am sure you are wondering what all is packed into that space.
MULTIPLE MEALS of sweet and sour meatballs, chicken parmigiana, taco chilli, sloppy joes, soy sesame steaks, tequila lime chicken, beef barley soup and more...
SIDE DISHES like mashed potatoes, homemade dinner rolls and rice pilaf.
BARGAIN STOCKPILES of pizzas, bread and chicken.
SNACK AND LUNCH GOODIES like cookie dough and muffin batter formed in individual portions ready to bake and eat warm. I am especially loving the muffin ones for an easy homemade lunch item. I take them out to thaw the night before and then bake while we have breakfast and throw the warm muffins into the lunch box.
September and October are always insane months for us and this year is proving no different. Between multiple soccer practices and games, school open houses and parent meetings and so much more who has time to plan and cook? It is so great to know that I can pull a meal out in the morning, let it thaw for the day and have a fresh, home cooked meal to sit down to in the evening. Not too mention it is much more cost effective to buy the meat in bulk and cook in big batches. Some of my favorite cookbooks are in the Library Section in my side bar.


Anonymous said...

OK. Now I'm jealous. I have lots of frozen meat and bread...but they all have to be put together at the last minute. The muffin idea sound terrific. Peggy

featherbed said...

i have an extra freezer in my basement that i have been raiding lately. The muffin idea is great!