Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving Meal Planning

I think this will be my 13th year of cooking Thanksgiving dinner. I have kept it pretty basic over the years with a few modifications here and there. This year I am shaking things up a bit with a few new recipes, along with my old stand-bys. We are having friends over for meal so hopefully everything turns out. Here's the menu
(I am actually cheating this year and just doing a turkey breast since I feel so much goes to waste.
I did score 2 free Fred Meyer turkeys for the food bank!!)
(I will also be making a small dish of my regular stuffing since it is Madison's favorite
Turkey Day item and I would hate for her to be disappointed with the "fancy version.)
Mashed Potatoes
(VERY excited about these, they look DELISH!!!)
Homemade (well bread machine made!) Rolls
Lisa's Famous Cranberry Applesauce
(Okay, may not be famous to the outside world, but my family loves it!!
Maybe I will post the top-secret recipe later this week!!
And I promise it is not in the shape of a can!!)
Have to admit I am a bit disappointed that company is bringing dessert. I found some amazing recipes to try out. Luckily I have lots of hosting opportunities in December to bake to my hearts content!!!! I may be regretting that wish:-)

So in theory, my meal will look a bit like this:

Thanks to Our Best Bites for the great new recipes and photos. This is my new favorite "go-to site" when looking for an extra special cooking project. Check it out!

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jcm said...

Sounds wonderful! Hope y'all have a great holiday. Maybe one of these years Phil and I will crash the party.