Sunday, November 29, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up

It was a wonderfully relaxing Thanksgiving weekend with lots of quality family time to be had!! The Thanskgiving dinner turned out wonderful, I think I need to thank my sous chef Madison for that. She caught sight of my typed schedule and would point out whenever I was off schedule. I had to inform her how that was just a guide, not a strict schedule. I have no idea where she gets this personality with 2 parents who are so laid back about everything!!
Friday I was up and out the door at 5:00 a.m. I am not even sure why since there weren't any killer deals I had to have. I stayed on the perimeter of the craziness and was home by 8:00 with a good chunk of shopping accomplished. The day was looking nice so we took off on a hike in attempts at the perfect Christmas Card photo. Here are some of the ones that did NOT make the cut!!

note: it is VERY hard to get the dog to look at the camera when using the timer function

And by 6:00 in the evening the Christmas tree was set up and ready for decorating!
With just one small issue. I knew some of the lighted branches were not working last year but I was able to turn them into the corner without issue. I considered buying a new fake tree and we discussed doing a real tree this year but I eventually convinced myself it was an unnecessary expense so we got the tree all set up to find LOTS of branches unlit. What to do, what to do??? We decided just to string some lights onto the branches and the problem would be solved. Well.....2 days later THOSE lights decided to go out so now I have a fully decorated tree with a bit of a flaw. Anyone who knows me knows I am a bit of a freak about my tree (though I have had to give up a LOT of control the past 2 years with my assitants wanting more of a say in things!).

Now I have a decision to make. 1. Let it be as is and try not to notice the huge flaw. 2. Take down decorations and light strings, put up new light strings and redecorate 3. Start over with a new tree. I have a feeling options 1 and 3 are both not going to happen so we will see when I start the process for #2.

Other Highlights for the weekend:
  • The girls and I stayed in MATCHING Christmas pajamas for 40 hours straight from Friday night to Sunday morning!!
  • I'll just let you use your imagination to picture me in the middle with my Christmas owl pj's! They aren't quite as cute on a grown adult, but the girls were absolutely thrilled with us all matching so it was worth it. Not sure what Tom thought of the insanity!

  • Our family Christmas gift turned into Tom's early birthday gift for a weekend full of Wii fun!! (can't believe I caved when I swore we would never have a video game system)

Hope your weekend was filled with happy family memories like ours!!


Anonymous said...

I really like the jammies for 40 hours straight. Sounds like heaven. Great idea. Peggy

Amy said...

Come on! I wanted to see ALL of you matching in your pajamas!! I also love that idea though:)