Thursday, January 7, 2010

A day with Nora

Nora and I have had a wonderful day at home today enjoying our time with each other. It is fairly rare for us to have a day where we aren't having to run somewhere in the day and I cherish these quiet days. It is hard to even remember my life 4 years ago when pretty much every day of our lives was like this and it was exciting and special to have something on the calendar. Now it is just the opposite and I celebrate a blank day on the calendar. I am beginning to realize that these days are quickly coming to an end. In just a month Nora will be turning 5 and before I know it she will be off to kindergarten and these days will be gone. That will be a sad, sad day in my life. Just thought I would document a bit of a "typical" quiet day at home with Nora.
Nora is always up before Madison and we usually enjoy some snuggles on the couch with a few books. This morning was especially nice as we enjoyed watching a beautiful sunrise out the window. A great way to start the day.
Nora is in charge of putting silverware away each morning after we get Madison to school.
Too Much TV - Oh, how my standards have fallen since Madison was this age!!
Lunchtime - Nora requests pickles almost everyday. Can I count that for a veggie?

Nora had fun making pillows for all of her special buddies. I finally had to force her to stop after #8.
Once I had the pillows all sewn up she went directly to her room to work on her bed arrangement. She loves to get all the buddies set just right and I am always amazed that there is enough room for her head on the pillow but she finds a way to fit in with them.
After keeping them out for 7 years, the Disney princesses have invaded our home and Nora is ♥IN LOVE♥ !! As I type this she has been playing with them for an hour solid. I am always amazed at how engaged she can get in her independent imaginative play, as Madison was never able to play on her own for more than 2 minutes!
Time to pick up Madison and she will now be focused on big sister's every move and do whatever she does! I probably won't see either of them for an hour once they are handed their after-school snack! Up to Madison's room for books and fun is the norm.


Anonymous said...

OK. This was just precious. Made me cry. They are both such special little people. PK

Amy said...

So cute, it was a good idea to document these days that will be gone so quickly!