Monday, February 22, 2010

February Gardening

It is crazy to think of the amount of gardening that we have all ready accomplished for the year. My apologies for those reading this in the rest of the country that are getting a real winter. It has completely passed us by and I think this has to be the driest and most pleasant winter I can remember.

Nora and I began the gardening last week. Ever since seeing Peter Pan, Nora has insisted that she was going to have her own flower garden and plant TIGER LILLIES. So for her birthday she got lilly bulbs along with some other spring bulbs. She was so anxious to get planting that she decided she could share some in my flower beds since hers wasn't built yet.

Then the weekend just got better so Tom and I spent a good 10+ hours on Saturday and Sunday clearing brush, digging out rocks and roots, hauling loads of gravel and dirt, and much more. We definitely got our workout in!
BEFORE(sorry for the horrible shadows)


I saw a flower box system at Costco that I showed Tom. He was able to build this much better design at twice the size for a third of the price. So officially this is Nora's flower bed, though I think mommy will have to take over some space. I will post pictures this summer with it full of things like bleeding hearts, hostas, wild geraniums, begonias, impatiens..... oh and of course LILLIES!!! I am also going to plant shrubs in the back to hide the ugly shed. And how perfect was it that this arrived in the mailbox on Saturday? It is worse than a kid in a candy store. All the options are amazing! I don't know how I will make some selections. I see a shopping spree at Covington Creek Nursery in my near future!


katy said...

way to go, Tom! looks like a perfect place for Nora's garden. I love the idea of a children's garden or even a specific bed reserved just for them. Maybe when we get home, I'll find an area for the girls. I'm looking forward to pictures of it all planted!!

Heather said...

You amaze me on what you accomplish!

Anonymous said...

You two are a great team. And you live in a place where you can ski one weekend and garden the next. WOW! I've always loved tiger lilies, too. PK

Karin Deti said...

Love the little path leading up to it Lisa! I'm jealous... do you lease Tom out?