Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Three P's of Skiing

The lessons learned from our first ski day as a family!
1. PATIENCE - All parties must bring patience in great quantities to the ski hill. The girls especially had to deal with this lesson in getting geared up, getting the rentals AND dealing with the Discovery Chair Lift being out of service for the first hour+ of our day on the slopes.
Parents need to also have massive amounts of patience (and a few jelly beans in their pockets:-). We had to enter the day with realistic expectations that we may last only an hour and that this was not a ski day for the parents. In the end we were at the mountain from 10:00-5:00 and closed the lifts down! We did not get real adult skiing in but still had a great time and it is amazing how sore our legs are from helping the kids.

2. PERSEVERANCE - The girls were such troopers. I really was suprised by their ability to get up over and over again after each fall. There was never the words "I can't" uttered by either girl. The progress they made was truely amazing to watch and we are so proud of them both. Madison even ventured with Tom onto the next level of lifts for her last run. It was probably a bit ambitious but they made it down in tact.

3. PIZZA - When in doubt and your child is skiing ahead of you just shout "PIZZA" (synonomous to snowplow). I really am not sure if it did much good but made me feel like I was helping so I shouted it ALOT. Oh, and the real thing is fairly helpful when the tanks are running on empty and you need refueling!

Overall, the day was so amazing. I have to admit that there were moments in the beginning where I wondered "What in the world were we thinking". Especially when the chair lift was broke down and required Tom and I to pull the girls up the hill to allow them to ski down. Or moments when the girls had crashed and legs were tangled and I was try to figure out how I was supposed to help pick them up while staying up right on my own skis! The weather was gorgeous and the company fantastic. It certainly helped having friends on the hill and kept the girls motivated.

Quotes from the day:
Madison: "Can we go skiing EVERY Saturday?" When answered no, she responded with "Can we go every other Saturday?"
Nora: When asked if she liked skiing, "I didn't yike it, I yoved it!!" (she especially "yiked" the chair lift rides) And she made me pinky swear that we would go again!

So, I think that we are officially a ski family and all ready looking forward to next season!


katy said...

Yay! You did it. My list would contain one item. 1) Put kids in lessons. DON'T attempt to teach them yourselves.

I know, it sounds awful but it was one part of parenting I was happy to outsource.

Great that you had such a beautiful day. I think that helps the kids enjoy it. Hmmmm. Maybe there is a ski vacation in the future for our families to take together! Wouldn't that be fun!

Lisa said...

Oh Katy, that would be so fun. In Europe would make it even better! I do think we will do lessons next time to allow the parents some ski time too!

Karin Deti said...

So excited for you all! I've wanted to do this for the past couple of years... maybe next year!