Friday, April 23, 2010

The Pea Patch

After last years attempts with gardening, I am even more eager to get planting this year. Unfortunately, I think we learned that we just don't get adequate sun to really have a full veggie garden. I researched neighborhood pea patches and love the idea. The problem is the closest one is 20 minutes away. At first I was ready to take on the challenge, thinking how great it would be for the girls to garden next to others from the community and see the variety of items growing. But then I realized that each individual grower needs to do their own watering and the reality of driving there everyday won the battle.
A few weeks later I was talking to a new friend I have made in the neighborhood. She was mentioning how she has always wanted to start a garden and I was commenting how I wish we had the right space for one. A few days later she emailed and asked if I would be her "Garden Buddy". I provide some man-power and my limited gardening knowledge and she would share their space. Which is the most perfect garden spot imaginable - FULL sun and backed up to their hangar for great protection. So this weekend we got to work and built 2 raised beds (well, Tom built them but we did help). Then the ladies went to the nursery for plant shopping. HEAVEN!! It has been awhile since I have had a friend who would enjoy walking through the aisles of a nursery commenting on all the amazing plants (miss you Katy!!).
Yesterday, the girls and I went over and got the tomatoes, peppers, zucchini and cucumbers planted. We still need to get all of the seeds started, hopefully this week.
I wasn't able to get a good photo of the little bunny who was watching us the entire time I was planting. Wondering if anything even survived until this morning or if he went and found his friends and they all came back for a feast.


kimmy307 said...

So jealous that you get to garden already. We are supposed to get more snow tomorrow. I started a garden last summer, we didn't have a great crop of peas, but we really enjoyed watching the growing process. I made some big adjustments last fall that hopefully will increase our crop.

Anonymous said...



Monkey's Mama said...

Looks great! We really need to get going on ours. I planted some greens but have to get the tomatoes in the ground and beans. I realized I planted some lettuce where I need to put a tomato so need to do a little rearranging. I wish we had more space and more sun! Looking fwd to updates on your garden!

katy said...

oh lisa, how soo very cool. I have dreams about making a children's garden in Seattle; with edibles and flowers to cut. I'm so glad you found a gardening buddy! I can hardly wait to see the fruits of your labor (not talking about M and N.) I went to the local garden store today (it's kind of like a home depot, but only the garden section and petco combined; including horses) Anyhoo, I bought a 3 geraniums and a large rectangular box for some rainbow chard seeds I purchased last season. 2 bags of dirt too only to find that I had one left from last season. Really want to make a bean den. Tried to find English runner bean seeds at the store. Have to look up the French name. Everything is harder here. Sigh. Yes, we've extended our stay. August 2011. Shhhh. Haven't signed the contract yet. I'm really quite excited about it, 2 years is not long enough. More time for you all to visit. Not joking. This should really be an email. oh well. Hope to see you this summer.