Saturday, May 22, 2010

Game Day

Sounders Train


Sounders Game
We had a great time at the Sounders Match today. The weather cleared up for the game, so we stayed dry and even had a bit of sunshine. The girls and I took the Sounder Train up to the game, which was a fun treat that we need to do more often. We made it just in time to get in on the Sounder's Pregame parade. The girls were thrilled to get front row viewing for the band performance. Tom was able to sneak away from Saturday work in the office to make it just in time for the game. The energy was amazing and the free concessions were a shocking suprise! The only thing that would have made it better was a Sounder's win (even a goal would have been appreciated!). We will definitely be getting more tickets for next season. I would love to go again this season but they are sold out. I had to be in line at Ticket Master the minute they went on sale to grab these ones.


Amy said...

Looks so fun, Lisa! And do they always have free concessions? I know nothing about Sounders games, but that might just get me to go to one:)

Lisa said...

Yep, always free concessions. It is part of your ticket I guess. And then the workers in the concession stands are usually non-profit groups that volunteer and get $$ for their groups. One of my friend's church youth group works every game. You don't get the crazy selection of food that Mariner's and Seahawks have, but it is FREE. And the pop is Jones Soday. YUMMY