Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sunny Days

I heard on the radio yesterday that the last fully sunny day we have had was March 2. So two full months ago. Not sure if that is completely accurate, but it has certainly felt like it. And not only has it been grey and rainy. We have had horrible winds, hail and torrential rains. When Tom put up our new rain barrel for Earth Day, it was filled in less than a day! Now we need some dry days so we can utilize the water and get it emptied to refill.
So the forecast this weekend makes us all so happy! Nora and a friend enjoyed the sun yesterday at the park and we are hoping to soak up more rays for Mother's Day. The sad news is that Tom is starting to work most Saturdays on top of the 10+ hour days he is working during the week. So we will miss him today as he is relegated to sit inside the office just looking out the window at the beautiful weather he is missing. I hate that he will now be at work 6 days a week, but hopefully an end is in sight and this project will go live by the middle of summer. We have scheduled 2 summer outings to force him out of the office, so that will be good too. He is such a great daddy, husband and empoyee and we appreciate ALL his hard work and efforts!
Wishing you all a very Happy Mother's Day Weekend!


jcm said...

Oh Lisa - we feel your pain. This has been the longest, dreariest winter I can remember in my 20 years in Colorado. We had sun this morning (but only about 50 degrees); it is now completely overcast again. . Also sorry to hear Tom is having to put in so much time at work. It usually goes in cycles, so maybe he's going to have lots of time to play in the Fall.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the good wishes. It looks as though you had a wonderful, sunny outing. I love the pic of Nora with the dandelion wish. Have lots of fun with Grandma Margie. PK