Thursday, June 17, 2010

Almost there....

Second to last day of school today. YEAH!! Madison came home with backpack and arms loaded with folders, yearbook, pencil box, gluesticks, even a really cool piggybank they got for a money/budgeting unit they did. BUT the best thing I found? When I opened her pencil box I found the note I taped to the top on the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. 180 classroom days and it is in pristine condition, looking just like it did the first day. I forgot I even did this for her and certainly didn't anticipate it lasting a week, let alone a whole year. Hoping I remember to make an even better one for next year!! The crafting ideas are starting to swirl!
(Is there any question what her favorite color may be? How many girls pick out the dark green backpack, lunchbox and pencil box???)

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