Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bike Camping - The Highlights

The time at the campsite was so wonderful. The kids all got along great and were self-sufficient for the majority of the time. I would even find myself realizing I hadn't had visual contact for fairly long periods of time, which is very unlike me. But they were having a ball playing spy games with the walkie talkies, creating bike jumps over the sand pit and so much more. I have to say there is much to be said for camping directly on the beach. Yes, sand gets EVERYWHERE but the convenience can't be beat! No needing to haul stuff down and then realize you forgot something back at home, hotel, camp.... It was all right there with no need to pack up and go anywhere. Though the ladies did take a ride into town to the local bakery for goodies and ice coffees!
Kid Fun Highlights

Setting up camp, Swimming in Seaweed, Sand Throwing
Ice Cream Ball, Hammock Craziness
Relaxing, Crab Collecting, Tree Climbing
And we can't forget this sweet little guy who was hanging around the beach most of the day. I only wish we would have had visual confirmation of him being connected to his mom at some point. We saw no signs of her but hope she returned at night since he wasn't around the next morning. He was so adorable and looked like a little stuffed animal that you just wanted to pick up, hug and take home. We made sure to keep our distance though, in hopes of his mother's return.


Anonymous said...

How great for the kids (& adults) to have lots of people around. My favorite camping adventures include a nearby bakery with pastries and HOT coffee. Guess I wasn't really in the wilderness. Peggy

Heather said...

Looks like a really great time! That first pic is really great.