Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dugout Ranch

We were able to visit "Dugout Ranch" during our stay in Fort Benton on the Fourth of July. This ranch was purchased by my Great Grandfather, Adam Johnstone, in 1907 and still belongs to our family to this day. It started out as a sheep ranch. This is a photo of my grandfather on the farm taken around 1930

It is now a wheat farm and here we are with this year's wheat crop.

The family home being built in 1915


and now

We had a wonderful time exploring the area. The treasurers and history around are incredible. Even though no one has lived there for 40+ years, there is still so much to see like the old farm tractor and other farming implements, the bunkhouse still with beds inside, the sheep corral and so much more. My main want for this outing was to get some photos to capture the location and I got a wonderful collection.

I am all ready looking forward to going back next summer prepared for a more extensive exploration of the site. We will come prepared with lots of bug spray, full length pants and shirts, boots and gloves. I am hoping to bring back wood for a reclaimed wood project in the house along with some other possible artifacts for some cool home projects.

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ANDREA said...

Amazing pictures. The sky in the background is beautiful.