Sunday, August 22, 2010

Race report #2

Race Note: for some reason my timing chip didn't work for the end of my run. I am sure it was some user error on my part. Luckily I had asked Madison if I could borrow her watch when I realized my batteries were dead the night before. So my final time, run split and placings are based on my unofficial time. I promise I am being as honest as possible. I will admit that I am much happier with my unofficial times though. I was almost in tears when I looked at the postings at the race and saw I was at the bottom of the pack. I didn't realize the error until this evening.

Today I participated in the first Lake Meridian Triathlon. It was a fantastic race put on by the fabulous Raise the Bar crew. Hoping this will become an annual event. They had a great turnout and it was a really fun and challenging course. Weather was a bit cool for my tastes but not bad. Luckily the forcasted rain stayed away and the water was nice and warm, so much better than my race in June.

The swim started out with my first experience for a deep water start. I wasn't sure about it before the race but enjoyed it and felt strong on the swim. My time was 16:53, a bit slower than my goal but I was ninth out of the water for all 73 women so I am happy with that. Then came the transition with big goals of improvement. I skipped the socks and peeled the wetsuit off quickly with great results. 1 minute 41 seconds. WAHOO! Compare that to my other 3 races with times of 6+, 4+ and 5+ minutes. No complaints there, though I should have had it even faster since I took time to wrestle with a long sleeve shirt that I ended up not needing.
Onto the bike ride. The problem with coming out ninth from the water is that you get passed ALOT on the bike, even when feeling strong. It was a bit discouraging, but I still felt good about the ride overall. My legs will be reminding me of all the hills in the morning. I felt good on the hills and was able to pass some people but got passed on the flats more than I would have liked. Time was 1hr 1 min 7 secs for 15.8 miles, 28th place for the women.
I wish I had photos of my cheering section on the bike ride. Tom and the girls were so sweet and drove to multiple locations along the bike course to cheer me on. Tom would park the minivan and open up the back for the girls to sit and watch, ringing their bells and cheering me on. They looked so adorable and definitely gave me a boost. Then they went to the run turn around to give me some more energy. The only unfortunate thing is that they then had to rush to the finish line and missed my finish by minutes. I still appreciate their efforts of waking up early on a Sunday morning and putting in the extra effort to go to multple locations along the route.
Then into the run transition. Again, I had my best ever transition for T2 with a time of 1:26. My new fancy shoelaces helped with that and I am happy to report that going sockless was quite successful. Only one small blister to show for it.
The run is my nemesis and I am happy to report that I feel like I made a little progress with this. I actually ran the entire course, which is a first for me. YIPPEE. Now, don't get too excited it was still a fairly slow pace (10.16 mile) but I will take it. Especially with the big steep hill towards the end.

I still have plenty of room for improvement but am really happy with the progress I made. Unofficial final time is 1 hour 53 minutes and 26th place out of 73 women. Hoping to get one more race in this year before making goals for the off season training. Thanks so much to the Raise the Bar crew for not only a great race but for all the support and help you have given me with my journey into the world of triathlons. I never thought I would grow to love waking up at 5:00 2 mornings a week to be tortured in the pool. I am so crazy I think I will add the morning run workouts to my routine this fall.


Amy said...

Good job, superwoman!!

Anonymous said...

Splendid on all counts!! Ick on the chip snafu. You might think you are doing this just for you, but the whole family benefits. Congratulations!!! Peggy

Holly said...

So proud of you, Lisa! Sorry I missed it...I haven't been back to the pool since the last time I told you I hadn't been back to the pool. Congratulations on an awesome race!!!