Sunday, September 5, 2010

Right Now

Watching: Alot of nothing! Looking forward to the new season of shows to begin and especially looking forward to PARENTHOOD. Loved it last spring.

Planning: Hawaii (I know, I know; I have been planning it for over a year but we are getting really close to making the final reservations and have the dates set and accomodations picked out)
Enjoying: The sweetest tomatoes ever! Picked from our shared garden. The weather this year didn't help to produce a huge bounty but the tomato plants are now overloaded with fruit that is as sweet as candy!

Reading: Just completed The Hunger Games Trilogy. Checked out 3 books at the library today and will pick one tonight to get started on.

Making: Freezer meals for the fall craziness. 6 lbs of port barbeque chicken and 2 lbs of garlic mashed potatoes on Friday. 6 pans of lasagna today and then 6 batches of chicken parmigiana is planned for Friday.
Hoping: To have a fully functioning computer soon. Back to the PC dr. tomorrow to try and get the bugs worked out.... Technology can be so frustrating!

Remembering: Fondly recalling the days of having my sweet little girls at home all day, with a very empty calendar. Unlike my current life with girls off to school, soccer and playdates and a calendar that looks like I am attempting a BlackOut Bingo for the month.

Coveting: A new car, but I can't seem to find one that fits my want/need list. Guess I will just continue with my life as a mini-van mom for now.....
inspired from Sycamore Stirrings great list!


Amy said...

Cool list, I love the kind of stuff that posts like this capture!!

Karin Deti said...

loved this post Lisa! May have to copy it in the near future. I must have your garlic mashed potato freezer recipe! I've never frozen them before... remind me, K?

Anonymous said...

Dear mom and dad
Hope that you are having a good time.Bet those tomatos were delish!
Love Maddy