Friday, September 2, 2011

First Day

I am now officially the mom of a first and fourth grader!!!  Please pass the tissues:-(  I actually made it through yesterday quite well, but maybe it is because I was at school 4.5 of their 6 hours.  Today may be a different story.  Don't get me wrong, I have a huge to do list to tackle and plenty to keep me busy.  But it is still sad to think of my girls growing up and not being home with me during the day.  

The girls started the morning with Daddy's best pancakes (I am not allowed to make pancakes in our house since the girls claim I burn them).  In celebration of the first day he made the numbers for their grade levels.
Then they were off to the bus line.
I greeted them off the bus at school and thought I would be helping them settle into their classrooms, but they left me in the dust for their friends and I just stood there waving goodbye as they didn't look back. 

 Madison had a great first day with lots of positive things to say about her teacher.  Nora's quote was it was "good but boring" and she pointed out to me numerous reasons that full-day school isn't that great.  The number 1 and 2 issues for her is that she doesn't get much time to play with her toys at home or have playdates.  She also isn't thrilled with having to wash her desk everyday after lunch.   There may be a bit of an adjustment period for the young one.  I recall Madison had a tough time adjusting the first few weeks of full-day first grade too with many tears at the bus line. 

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naomef said...

I know it is such a happy and sad time. Luckly they have you to come home to and with all amazing things you do for the school they will have you at school with them!