Monday, November 21, 2011

On the Menu

I think I have the weekend menu plans almost finalized.  We are delaying Thanksgiving by a day so that we can celebrate with the Brown Clan when they come down from Canada on Friday.  Our meal on the actual Thanksgiving day will be whatever they are serving up at the Crystal Mountain cafeteria, as we will be spending the day on the slopes.  So most likely we will be having soup of the day and cheese pizza.
Friday will be the feast at the Kimmet household and I wanted to share what's on the menu along with some of the recipes.  The most boring component of the meal will be the turkey itself.  I saw a few amazing recipes I wanted to try but our family is really not into turkey and it is just an excuse to have all the side dishes so I am taking it easy on that part and just got a turkey breast to throw in the oven.  We will be sending the 2 free Fred Meyer turkeys we have acquired to the food bank where they will be much more appreciated than in our home.   NOW, bring on the side dishes!!!
Mashed Potatoes of course.  I stay fairly straight forward on these for Thanksgiving.  Other times of the year I will throw in cheese, bacon, chives and more but when you add gravy to the top it is best to keep it classic.
Coconut Candied Sweet Potatoes (this is pretty much dessert during dinner for me, not sure anyone else in the family likes it but that means more lefotvers for me)  recipe link
 Homemade Rolls with Honey Butter - Nora's favorite part of the meal
Stuffing - I seem to alternate years between going with a new recipe to the basic family stand-by and this year the old family favorite wins out.  Nothing fancy, nothing extra just the basics, which will make Madison happy.
Cranberry-Apple Sauce - My own special secret recipe which includes orange juice and lots of apples
Carmelized Green Beans - recipe here
And then onto the desserts for the evening.  I am doing 2 this year.
Layered Pumpkin Pie Toffee Cheesecake - a pumpkin pie on top of a layer of toffee cheesecake.  Recipe here

Crumb Topped Apple Pie - Half pie, half cobbler recipe here

Feeling like I am missing something but maybe that is it.  Then we are having more friends over for a Saturday brunch.  That menu will include homemade cinnamon rolls along with a potatoe and bacon breakfast casserole.  We will add a few leftovers from the day before, fruit salad and veggie and cheese trays. 

So now I have to devise a cooking itenerary for the next 4 days.  Tomorrow will be cinnamon rolls to put in the freezer so they just need to be thawed and baked on Saturday.  Wednesday will be the pumpkin pie cheesecake that requires almost 3 hours of baking time along with the prep.  I will also take on the cranberries on Wednesday.  Thursday I can get the sweet potatoes done and get some prep work done for other items.  And then Friday will require the delicacy of timing all the dishes just right to have all components ready at 3:00.  This usually requires a detailed timeline taped to the cabinet doors with all utensils, serving dishes and ingredients laid out in assembly line fashion.  And thank goodness for oven warming drawers when all else fails.

Hoping everyone has a wonderful and delicous Thanksgiving day or days as the case may be!!


naomef said...

The pionner woman mashed potatoes are amazing.

Anonymous said...

It all sounds great! I really think that the key to enjoying something like Thanksgiving is organization so that you can enjoy your guests. Then once the lists are made and the labels set, the fun begins. I hope both events were lots of fun.