Friday, November 2, 2012

Thankful Post #1

Way back in 2008 I participated in my first photo challenge where I would take a photo each day in November documenting what I was thankful for.  This was before Project 365 or any other photo challenges and it was a great way to focus my photography and get a good glimpse into our daily lives.
Fast forward four years and life is busier than ever, my blogging has become non-existent (sorry mom!) and my photo taking is lagging far behind.  At times I wondered if all that effort was worth it but over the past day I have spent time looking back at my scrapbooks and rereading old blog posts and enjoying it so much.  Being reminded of fun activities, cute things the kids have said, crazy phases they have gone through and so much more.  I think I started to feel that my photos weren't worth posting since they weren't up to par with most bloggers' amazing photo-shopped, high quality photographs.  And my writing was pathetic with no humor, many grammatical errors and way too verbose.  But going back I realize those things shouldn't matter and I am doing this for my own documentation and I do truly enjoy it.    SOOOO with that I start my 2012 Daily Thanks Challenge to help kick-start my blogging, photography and scrapbooking once again.  And what I was thankful for yesterday was all the documenting I have done over the past 10+ years.

Day two and I was thankful for a no-school day.  Life is so crazy with all of us running around to meetings, practices, volunteer activities, school events... and it seems we never get the chance to just slow down.  So I really appreciate the many no-school days we have.  Today we had a Horsopoly marathon, did fun crafting and baking along with trying to catch up on some chores around the house.  These days really help me to recharge my battery and be ready for the next whirlwind of craziness.

The girls are also trying to participate in the the photo challenge by taking their own photos.  I am ashamed to say this was Nora's first photo.
 Yes, she was thankful for her Halloween candy.  Lovely.......   I was thankful that the girls made a large pile of it to donate to the Troop Donation Drive at school.    Luckily, before I had to give the big mommy lecture of what things we really should be thankful for she took this photo for day 2.
She is thankful for her sister!!

I will be trying to post many of my daily thanks on my blog to keep myself accountable.  Anyone else want to participate???


Amy said...

Yay for a blog post! I have missed you! I am tempted to do the thankful challenge, but I am just not up to another challenge right now. I will enjoy reading yours!

Karin said...

You have inspired me Lisa! I haven't blogged since August...I too miss the documenting of family life!