Monday, March 30, 2009

Egg Directions repost


Step 1. Take a straight pin and punch a hole in the bottom of the egg. Then wiggle around to make a little bigger and use the head end of the pin make a larger hole.

Step 2. On the top of the egg make a tiny hole with the straight pin.

Step 3. Blow into the small hole, holding the egg over a bowl to catch the insides. You do need to blow quite hard, but my older daughter was able to do it.

Step 4. Wash out the egg well with water and then blow out excess water and let dry.

Now the better you are at this, the smaller your holes should be. I wasn't too good so my bottom holes were bigger than they probably should be. I plan to tie/glue some ribbon around the egg for hanging and it can cover up the hole.

We will need to find a few more uses for eggs in the next couple of days and then on Thursday plan to color them using a basic Egg Dying kit. We may be adventurous and try some other decorating techniques too!

*****new tip I have discovered for this year - put a shish-kabob stick into the larger hole and stick into styrofoam or floral foam to allow eggs to dry


katy said...

thanks lisa!!! how was your scrapbooking weekend?

katy said...

omg, this was the most hilarious experience EVER. Eva loved it. 1 egg took her about 15 minutes, it was great! Audrey tried too and was content to just suck on the egg, although she did get a bit out. May just have been saliva :) sooo funny. wish i would have taken pics. GREAT KID project. I was shocked at how into it my 4 yr old was.