Monday, March 30, 2009

Easter Tree re-post

I am reposting my Easter Tree and directions for egg-blowing from last year. We just put up the tree for this season and I always enjoy how colorful it is. We have had a few broken eggs over the past few days since Nora enjoys rearranging, but that just gives us an excuse to make more! I think we will do egg blowing and dying next week over spring break!

It has been a bit of a busy week schedule wise and we haven't done as many arts and crafts this week. It seems to go in spurts. But here is what the girls and I put together today. Our Easter Egg Tree. The girls made these eggs with Grandma P last Easter in Montana and amazingly they survived until this year unscathed. Of course, the girls wanted to put all decorations on one or two branches while I was trying to evenly space things out. I think we will blow out some more eggs over the next few days and dye some next week to add to the tree.

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katy said...

LOVE IT!! Will you post directions on blowing the eggs?