Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Well since I had all my scrapping supplies out and fairly organized from my weekend away (which I will be posting about SOON) I decided we would do a GREEN collage in celebration of St. Patrick's day. I anticipated not too much interest in it but the girls really got into it and stayed focused for a good amount of time. I think the fact that we did it on the kitchen floor instead of the usual art table in the play room made it seem more interesting. It always is a good reminder to me that changing things a bit can help refocus our thoughts. They liked digging through my supplies to find some fun stuff like ribbons, buttons, brads and stickers. From their own supply came out the always popular glitter glue to help tie it all together along with some pom-poms and other fabulous treasuers. I also used my new supply system with them of using a muffin tin to put all the little fabulous supplies that like to spread out all over the work area and I think that helps keep them focused and interested. We flipped through magazines to find some green pictures to add. The end result isn't a masterpiece but very kid friendly and tactile.

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