Monday, March 10, 2008


Friday is the big day for my scrapbook retreat weekend!!! I am really excited to have so much time to focus on my scrapbooking with no interruptions. I will have from Friday at 2:00-Sunday at 4:00 to scrap away. The owner of the retreat will cook all the meals and everything!! I doubt I wll get out of my pajamas for 2 days.

I really want to be as prepared as possible. I have been working on layout ideas at home and have the photos sorted in an index card box by layout themes. Then I have been going through my scrapping magazines to find inspiration. I tear out the pages and put them into the box with my pictures. And I have been drawing some layout sketches to help get my thoughts composed.
Now on Wednesday I will work in the craft cave to organize supplies and figure out what I need to bring. Which will end up being close to EVERYTHING! It is so hard to know what I will end up needing and I don't want to be stuck not having something. I do plan to pack one box that will be the "emergency box". Things I don't think I will need but I will bring it anyways and leave it in the car just in case.
Thursday I am skipping out on my volunteer time in M's classroom and using my Mom's Day Out time to run some errands to get a few last minute supplies and things.
So, hopefully that will be it and I will be ready to scrap 'til I drop!!!!

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Sara said...

I am so bummed I don't get to go! I hope you have fun and get alot done!