Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Kid Project Tuesday

We have had some wonderful glimpses of spring the past few weeks out in the Northwest and I am feeling such an urge to garden. So we did gardening for our project.

The girls painted and "bedazzled" these lovely pots. M did a nice job doing some flowers while N has a wonderful abstract piece. She had a bit more of an attention span with this project than ones in the past, so I am hoping she will become more interested in projects instead of just wanting to play "baby" with me.

We then did planting in peat pots to get ready for outdoor planting in the upcoming months. We did nasturiums and zinnias. As much as I love our house and our yard, the lack of sun is discouraging for a gardener. We have a grow light helping out our cause to give the plants a boost. Wonder if I could install some of these outside?????

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